Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

flower walls

In this post I will be saying more about my second company, which also deals with flowers, but this time silk and faux flowers…
Very often businesses arise as vision of something you wanna have or buy but you cannot find it anywhere. In that case I never resign from having it but try to make or create it myself. That was exactly how my Oh Sweet Box and my flower walls company Blossomania were made. When I could not find a sweet box with macarons inside that will be also a flower box – I created one myself. When I could not find a perfect flower wall for hire with matching accessories, I took hot glue, plaster board and 20 thousand artificial flowers and “voila”!
The results surprised many people who advised me to start own business where I can sell flower walls. Idea was good but decided to go one step further and create hire company. Because isn’t it better to hire something that we need for one or two days?
Blossomania is my second dream business I run in London. It helps event organizers such as brides, birthday hosts and others to create a wonderful blossom event, wedding or a small home party.
I will not bore you what are the pros of hiring flower walls and decorations, for those who organize an expensive event, know very well how quickly the budget is decreasing. In that Blossmania’s post you will find ,,5 reasons why hiring decorations is better than buying them.”
My businesses are all about flowers! And I love it! Silk or fresh, doesn’t really matter – all of them make my happy. I wish all young people to do what they love and what they cannot take their eyes off. Mark Twain said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – so damn true!