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sweet box


As a macarons lover I could write an essey why that little bites make me feel so happy! But I am gonna limit just to 6 significant features today:



Because macarons look so good make it effectively taste them better too. The colours difference is so eye-catching, provides an info to our brain that we can expect something delicious.


They are small –and that is GOOD! One bite size allows us to taste many variations that makes our taste buds go crazy. Once you forgot how the first one tasted, just go back to it :) Never-ending story - but how delicious...

Mix of crunchy and chewy consistency make this little cookie unexpectedly delightful. And a ganache that melt in our mouth…quintessence of masterstroke!


Macarons look amazing everywhere. On the plate, on cake stand where you can make a tier, in the box or like we do- mixing those with flowers for Boom effect - an amazing gift box London!

          photo: etsy



Our macaron shells are made from ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar. We do not use any "filler" ingredients in our shells, nor do we use any artificial flavouring. Pure ground almonds keep our macarons beautiful and completely Gluten Free


 You can buy a normal flower bouquet with Rafaello as a gift but does it go out of date? If want to surprise someone – DO IT GOOD! Stay creative and original. Oh Sweet Box candle you with that by creating flower box london with macarons and personalised details. 


So those are 6 reasons why we fall in love with macarons so quickly and we love to mix them with edible bouquets London. Do you know any other? Share with us on our Instagram